The science teaching and rationality India needs (The Hindu, GS-2,3, Science and tech, Human resource, governance)

Context:- People and their neglect of mask and putting things on to the faith shows we somewhere lacked in the would have created an informed mind but we as a system has failed in this.

    • Most people think that corona virus will enter into the body and we can’t do anything about it.
    • People neglect it because of their neglect of science.
  • Why this is happening:
      • We as an education system didn’t make an informed mind.
      • In education, students know about the benefits of boiling water but only for gaining mass not for applying it in real life.
      • After the passing of class, the knowledge gained in that class is hardly used in life.
      • Curiosity level is below the average.
  • What should we do?
    • Empowering the student and creating the scientific temper in them.
    • Practical based education, for example a student knows about pathogen in higher secondary but hardly he saw it because labs don’t have that required instruments.
    • Telling science and studying the science and applying the science are the different things so we must recognise it.
    •  a rational social environment is needed.
    •  dissent and debate are encouraged.


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Swarn Singh

Plutus IAS Current Affair Team

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