The Significance of Australia Japan Historic Security Alliance

The Significance of Australia Japan Historic Security Alliance

The Significance of Australia Japan Historic Security Alliance- Today Current Affairs

Context : Australia and Japan will sign a treaty on 5th Jan to increase defense and security cooperation in a move that has been hailed as “Historic”. 

Introduction :

The US and Australia long with India and the Japan are also the member of a strategic dialogue known as “the Quad” and this new defense treaty between Australia and Japan will definitely make the Quad more Strong and from the India’s perspective, this treaty would definitely will make China anger 

What is this Latest treaty between Australia and Japan: The Hindu Analysis

Prime minister Scott Morrison of Australia and Fumino Kishida of Japan , signed a defense treaty through a virtual conference . After this Treat both nations will come more close to each other and in defense point of view this treaty will make Quad More Stronger. This defense treaty is not only limited up to defense only but it will be helpful in the mutual cooperation regarding the values, and commitment for the democracy. This treaty will definitely enhance the status of both countries Indo Pacific region 

In September 2021, Australia also signed a so called Aukus trilateral security pact with the united state and Britain under which Australia would get help from Britain and US regarding the affairs of nuclear power  submarine  also 

Why China is Upset with this deal : The Hindu Analysis

Japan and China have been rivals for a long time and China will never want to increase the influence of Japan in the Pacific sea , therefore on the Aukus, China declared it as the threat for the peace and stability in the pacific sea. China also said that this type of treaty would intensify the arms race and undermine international non proliferation efforts . In Fact after this treaty, the influence of India would also increase in the Indian Ocean with the support of Australia and in the Pacific Ocean with the support of Japan . 

Significance for India : The Hindu Analysis

Presently India is facing the issue of China’s aggression continuously. New Border laws of the Chinese definitely increased the worries of India . After the is treaty, Chinese aggression may be balanced and for the establishment of the peace in India , the balance of power between India and China must be required .Australian Prime minister stated that “Our cooperation also includes an expanding agenda for the Quad with India and the United States, and our shared technology-led approach to reducing carbon emissions,”. 


The Australia Japan Historical treaty definitely brought some new equations in Asia pacific regions. One side it would bring a palace of power in Asia and influence The QUAD over the Asia pacific region on the other side it could counter the latest Chinese aggression over India . This treaty would definitely be beneficial for India’s perspective . Strategically , India would be more powerful as well as economically aslo . As described in Arthasastra of the kauliya , the basic principle of the forein policy is to protect its own interest and to secure its own territory . In this regard, This historic treaty between japan and Australia will be beneficial for India (Source : Indian Express)


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