US Taiwan Relation : An Analysis in reference to recent changes in world politics 

US Taiwan Relation : An Analysis in reference to recent changes in world politics 

US Taiwan Relation – Today Current Affairs

Context : 

  • Recently in the QUAD summit the American President clearly stated that America will continue to give  aid to Taiwan militarily in case of an invasion by China. In fact , recently China is again moving towards Taiwan , therefore America had to declare in this regard . 
  • On the issue of Taiwan , America has declared her view that she would protect the sovereignty of Taiwan from the invasion of China. As per the 1979 communique, the U.S. recognized China, but stated that it merely “acknowledges the Chinese position that there is but one China and Taiwan is part of China”. India’s stand is clear in the matter of Taiwan that India will oppose every means of the Chinese aggression in Indo pacific region 

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Introduction : 

  • The issue of Taiwan had evolved with the declaration of independence of China . America did not recognize the People’s republic of China and on the issue of Taiwan , several meetings were held between Taiwan and China like  the Shanghai Communique (1972), the Normalization Communique (1979) and the 1982 Communique. As per the 1979 communique, the U.S. recognized China, but stated that it merely “acknowledges the Chinese position that there is but one China and Taiwan is part of China”. The Hindu Analysis
  • During the Russo Ukrainian conflict indirect support of China to Russia gives a clear indication , that on the matter of Taiwan Russia may support China 

What is Taiwan Issue : The Hindu Analysis

  • Taiwan is a small country across a Taiwan strait and it disintegrated from the mainland of China during the process of the Chinese Civil war . The ruling Kuomintang Part (So called nationalist Party ) in the leadership of Chiang kai Shek had to flee to Taiwan and formed a government in taiwan (Republic of China) and simultaneously the Communist Party of China under the leadership of Mao formed the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the mainland.
  • Since then, the PRC considers the island as a renegade province awaiting reunification by peaceful means, if possible. ROC retained its permanent seat in UNSC. But during the cold war , PRC was recognised as a member of UNSC , when US president Nixon visited China (PRC) and China was recognized as one China principle  recognizing PRC and not the ROC as China. Taiwan transitioned from a single party state to a multi-party democracy. At the same time China reformed in economic  policy and China became one of the leading economic country of the world to tackle for the worst possible scenario of international politics. The Hindu Analysis
  • According to the 1972 communique, the U.S. agreed to the ‘one China principle’, with an understanding that it “acknowledges” and “does not challenge” that “all Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain that there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China.” 
  • As per the 1979 communique, the U.S. recognized PRC, but simultaneously it recognised Taiwan , as the part of China and established unofficial relations with Taiwan through this communique in the name of the people of both the countries. In this way America continued to provide arms to Taiwan. China had to accuse in this regard in 1982 .  and America convinced the world that she is giving arms only for the defensive purpose 

What is the issue in 21st century : The Hindu Analysis

  • Democracy is flourishing everywhere in the world. And on the ground of democratic values America is justifying its support to Taiwan. The Democratic People’s Party (DPP) became the most powerful political force in Taiwan. The DPP government, led by Tsai Ing Wen has been bringing the drastic change in its international economic relations away from China . This made China worry.
  •  For the China, Taiwan is a significant island for geopolitical point of view also. This is due to its central location in the First Island Chain between Japan and the South China Sea, which is seen as the first benchmark or barrier for China’s power projection. The Reunification of the China will give the birth to supremacy of China in world politics , mainly in Indo pacific region .  Therefore, in past some days , China has been continually patrolling near Taiwan strat so that Taiwan could be merged peacefully 


US Strategy towards : The Hindu Analysis

  • US strategy is unclear .However US recognized the PRC but simultaneously it is stated that US will accept the peaceful resolution of the future of Taiwan . The US will not accept any aggression from China in the matter of Taiwan .Hence, there is no clear guarantee here that the U.S. will be militarily involved in a situation where China attempts to invade Taiwan, short of supplying “defensive weapons”.

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As per the above discussion , the situation of the world is gradually worsening . Any Chinese aggression in the matter of Taiwan can provoke America for further reaction and direct support to Taiwan. Since in the Russian Ukrainian conflict, China supports Russia and hence Russia would also support in this matter . The American president has already declared in this regard in the meeting of the Quad. The situation in India is very specific . However , in the matter of Russian Ukrainian conflict India indirectly supported Russia but , in the Indo pacific region , India is making alliances with Japan, Australia and America (rivals of China) because India will also resist any type of Chinese aggression in the matter of LAC.  


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