WhatsApp Number for Pregnant Women

WhatsApp Number for Pregnant Women

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Recently The National Commission for Women has launched a WhatsApp number to help pregnant women. The helpline number is 9354954224. This will be a “message only” helpline number.

  • This is going to provide round-the-clock medical assistance to expectant mothers all over India.
  • The Commission has also set up a dedicated team to look after the grievances raised from pregnant women on the number.

National Commission for Women-

  • The body was established under the National Commission for Women Act in the year1992.
  • The body checks the legal and constitutional safeguards of women.
  • The chairperson of this commission is appointed by the Government of India and the other five members in the commission are also appointed by the GoI.
  • Eligibility for the members should have experience in women’s voluntary organization, economic development, legislation, administration, etc.
  • Jayanti Patnaik was the first Chairperson of the National Commission for Women.
  • The objective of National Commission for Women-
  • To investigates and examines the matters related to the safeguards of the women as provided by the Constitution of India
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