Whether Ukraine -Russian war is inevitable ? An Analysis in current situation

Whether Ukraine -Russian war is inevitable ? An Analysis in current situation

Whether Ukraine -Russian war is inevitable – Today Current affairs

Context : Kremlin (The Moscow Kremlin or simply the Kremlin, is a fortified complex in the center of Moscow founded by Russian ruling dynasty ) says Putin will sign orders on independence of breakaway Lugansk and Donetsk territories

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For the last several days the tension between Ukraine and Russia was continuing because of the several regions of the Ukraine Donetsk and Lugansk territories . Because these regions are dominated by the Russian race but as per their claim, they are not treated equally as other Ukrainian people are treated. The discontent among the people of these regions are being brutally oppressed by the military of the Ukraine . Therefore the separatist temperaments had developed for these reasons. On the ground of Humanism and racial similarities, Russia is supporting those regions. 

Demography of  Lugansk and  Donetsk : The Hindu Analysis

  • The Donetsk and Luhansk regions — collectively known as the Donbas — are in eastern Ukraine, near the border with Russia. It is a coal and iron rich region therefore coal and steel industries are located in these regions. Majority of the people are Russian speaking people . The population of these regions is 3.6 million people . After the second world war most of the Russian speaking workers migrated here . During the Russia Ukraine war in 2014, most of the governments offices of these region are brought under the control of the these separatist . they declared this region as the “people’s republics.”
  • Thousands of the separatist people have been killed by the military operation of the Ukraine after 2014. Separatist took power in these region in 2014 and they declared their independence through voting but no country of the world had recognized their independence . People of these regions are bearing the consequences of the Ukraine Russian tension 

Inevitability of the War : The Hindu Analysis

  • During the efforts of the establishment of the peace,  once again the Russian president stated that he is ready to give the recognition of these regions as a separate republic . According to Moscow, after the appeal of the rebels on the ground of humanism , this is the duty of Russia to recognize them . Ukrainian authorities are continuously killing the people, even civilians . By 21st Feb 2022, during an unscheduled meeting of Kremlin national security , most of the leaders are in support of the recognition of the  separatists.
  • This recognition will not be tolerated by Ukraine and then war would be inevitable but this war would be localized because America , who was interfering in the matter but from the side of Ukraine , will not be involved because America knew the fact of the support of China to Russia . 

Role of European Countries during the War : The Hindu Analysis

European countries will implement maximum sanctions over Russia as stated in the EU meeting . To a certain extent, France and Germany will come against Russia because the interests of both the countries are in Russia . 

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As per the discussion, it is almost certain of the small conflict between Russia and Ukraine as per the present situation because Russia had decided to give recognition to the separatist regions . but other countries will not actively participate in this war therefore it will not be more widen . The stand of India would be a neutral stand , slightly tilted towards Russia . America is focusing toward Indo pacific regions, so he will also interfere up to certain extent . Therefore it is clear that the world would not have to face any big disaster . 


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Source : The Hindu , Indian Express

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