With Biden, India may need a new template (GS-2 international relations, the hindu)

  • Indian Diaspora contribution in America with respect to India:
      • Persuasion of Indian interest
      • Helped in civil nuclear deal to be finalized.
      • Helped to raise Indian voice
      • Helped the economy as indio-american community is well versed with the resources.
      • Helped in consolidating the Indian position in USA polity, currently some Indians are in white house and even the representation.
  • Why need calibration
      • Indian farm protest and Protest against CAA went beyond the borders
      • Some protests also got support from the indo American community.
      • Sharp reaction by Indian community and Indian government over the criticism of farm laws when it was criticized by Rehana and others.
  • What more
    • Test of indo American relations under CATSA act.
    • 2+2 meetings between defense and foreign ministers.

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Swarn Singh

Plutus IAS Current Affair Team

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