Interpretations which impede a just social order (The Hindu, GS-2, Polity)

Interpretations which impede a just social order (The Hindu, GS-2, Polity)


Context:- Constitution provides right to equality and equity under article 16 which authorizes the state to make special arrangements for socially and educationally backward classes.

  • Issue:-
      • Maratha reservation given by the Maharashtra government on the pretext of socially and educationally backward classes. But this was cancelled out by the supreme court
    • Court judgement in such cases
      • Indira sawhney case:- Supreme court laid the ceiling of 50% on the reservation
      • M.Nagrajan case:- supreme court uphold the limit and put some conditions on the government in the promotion.
  • Why reservation is needed:-
      • For socially and educationally backward class
      • Baseline for equity
      • It helps in upliftment of downtrodden
      • It is their Fundamental right.
  • Constitutional factors:-
    • 102nd constitutional amendment act which establishes other backward commission as constitutional basis. This provides central government to put which caste or community is under backward community
    • Article 342A, through which it stipulated that the President of India may, after consultation with the State government, notify groups of persons within such a State who are deemed to be socially and educationally backward.
    • Article 366(26C) was also added, and “socially and educationally backward classes” was defined as “such backward classes as are so deemed under Article 342A for the purposes of this Constitution”.

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