Monsoon malady (The Hindu, GS-1, Geography, Issues in urbanisation)

Monsoon malady (The Hindu, GS-1, Geography, Issues in urbanisation)

Context:- The monsoon over the greater Mumbai region has come to be characterised by the unsettling annual spectacle of collapsing buildings. An unsafe multi-storeyed building in a core area of the city has collapsed onto another. This incident led to the death of more than 11 people.

What is monsoon:-

  • derived from the Arabic word mausin or from the Malayan word monsin meaning ‘season’
    • Monsoons are seasonal reversal winds
  • These winds reverse their direction with the change of season.
  • Indian Monsoons are Convection cells on a very large scale which are created due to heating and cooling of one or more area.
  • India receives rainfall from south-west monsoon winds in summer and north-east monsoon winds in winter.

South-west monsoons 

  • They are formed due to an intense low pressure system formed over the Tibetan plateau.
  • South-west monsoons bring intense rainfall to most of the regions in India  which is the forerunner of agriculture in india.
  • North-east monsoons bring rainfall to the mainly south-eastern coast of India.

North-east monsoons

  •  They are associated with high pressure cells over Tibetan and Siberian plateaus.

Factors responsible for south-west monsoon

  • Intense heating of Tibetan plateau during summer months.
  • Permanent high pressure cell in the South Indian Ocean (east to north-east of Madagascar in summer).
  • Subtropical Jet Stream (STJ).
  • Tropical Easterly Jet (African Easterly Jet).
  • Inter Tropical Convergence Zone.
  • Strengths of Low pressure over Tibet and high pressure over southern Indian Ocean.
  • Somali Jet (Findlater Jet).
  • Somali Current (Findlater Current).
  • Indian Ocean branch of Walker Cell.
  • Indian Ocean Dipole.

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