A COVID blot on India’s foreign policy canvas (International relation, GS-2 the hindu)

A COVID blot on India’s foreign policy canvas (International relation, GS-2 the hindu)

Context:- Covid has forced india to accept foreign aid after a gap of 17 years. This has bound to have far-reaching strategic implications for India.

COVID 2.0 has quickened the demise of India’s regional primacy. India’s traditional primacy in the region was built on a mix of material aid, political influence and historical ties.

Why india will have a fragmented and a conciliatory foreign policy:

  •  Covid-2.0 mismanagement led to india diminishing material capability, shrinking military spending and a continuous political rhetoric shaken international confidence in india as a leading power.
  • Countries in the indo pacific will have their policy towards china as india will not be able to fulfill their ambition.
  • Upcoming elections in the states such as U.P. will somehow increase the political violence and will pull india’s ambition as a leading power because of it’s limited resources.
  • Depressed economy with increase unemployment will increase the protest and decrease the demand.
  • Countries which were likely against china are now getting onboard e.g Australian gave the port for 99 year to chinese.

What should India do in these challenging times?

  • Focus on youth for employment
  • Focus on management of COVID-2.0 crises.
  • A all party focus on society and economy.
  • Political consensus on COVID management.
  • A calibrated policy towards friendly countries.

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