A fire can take place anywhere and at any time, it’s unpredictable (GS-3)

A fire can take place anywhere and at any time, it’s unpredictable (GS-3)

A fire can take place anywhere and at any time, it’s unpredictable. We can expect a fire at your home or at your workplace or in a hospital or in public places like theatres, malls, restaurants. Fire in any occupancy has the potential to cause harm to catch hold the people and severe damage to property.

  • In India, every year, nearly more than 25,000 persons die due to fires and related causes.

  • Nearly about 66% of females were killed in fire accidents. It is estimated that about 21 males and 42 females die every day in India due to fire. If we have enough fire protection measures many of these deaths could have been prevented

  • Provisions in India Related to Fire Safety

Constitutional Provision

  • The Fire Services is a state subject and has been included in the XIIth Schedule of the

  • Constitution of India under Article 243 (W).

  • The National Building Code of India, 2016

  • Titled ‘Fire and Life Safety of the NBC Part 4

  • All existing and new buildings are classified by nature of use, such as educational, residential, institutional, assembly , business, industrial, storage and hazardous.

The code covers the following areas:

  • Fire Prevention: This covers fire prevention pertaining to the design and construction of buildings. It also explains the various types of building materials and their fire rating.

  • Life Safety: It covers life safety provisions in the event of fire and similar emergencies, also addressing construction and occupancy features that are necessary to minimise danger to life from fire, smoke.

The Model Building Bye Laws, 2016

  • The Ministry of Urban Development has framed a circular called “Model Building By Laws 2016” which states the mechanism and engineering parameters to keep in mind before starting any construction project.

Guidelines by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA):

  • It has given guidelines regarding fire safety in public buildings, including hospitals, which incorporate elements of the NBC, besides design guidelines on maintaining minimum open safety space, protected exit mechanisms, dedicated staircases, drills to carry out evacuations.

  • In 2019 the Central Government has also circulated ‘Model Bill on Maintenance of Fire & Emergency Services.


  • Violations of norms and standards laid down under the national building construct code which leads to fire accidents

  • Lack of inadequate fire protection in skyscrapers leads to accident

  • Inadequate modern equipment and resources

  • Lack of funds

  • Inadequate uniform fire safety legislation

  • Lack of awareness about safety arrangements

Prevention strategy

  • Large numbers regarding construction of buildings and regularly keep a check on different types of firefighting equipment and suppression systems like CO2, FM 200, and NOVEC, to suit specific requirements.

  • Follow proper norm

  • Training the employees / occupants regarding fire safety or in for fire drills

  • Awareness among citizens

  • Proper design of electrical fittings

  • Proper demarcation of entry and exit in crowded buildings

Way forward

  • As it is a state subject so municipal and local bodies are responsible for providing fire services

  • Need to break the bureaucracy-real estate business nexus.

  • Strict implementation of laws is necessary regarding fire regulations

  • The organisations should also be insured for the highest levels of public liability.

Conclusion :- Every human being is important so their safety of life should be the first priority for that good rules and regulations are more important regarding fire safety

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By Mahima Pant Plutus IAS

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