A ‘reform wave’ Lakshadweep could do without (The Hindu, Polity, GS-2)

A ‘reform wave’ Lakshadweep could do without (The Hindu, Polity, GS-2)


Context:- Recent reforms by the current administrator prafull patel in lakshadweep administration leads to widespread criticism. The pretext of these reforms is to transform Lakshadweep into a Maldivessma  type economy.

What are those reforms:

  • the Lakshadweep Animal Preservation Regulation, 2021
  •  the Prevention of Anti­Social Activities Regulation (PASA)
  •  the Lakshadweep Panchayat Regulation, 2021 
  • Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation 2021

A tumultuous journey of Island:-

  • Island development agency under Home ministry to take development and security to the new level
  • There are three distinct ecosystems: 
    • Land
    • Lagoon
    • ocean. 
  • Fishery is a primary occupation here. 
  • Vatteluttu was the earliest script used with its heavy Sanskrit component.
  • Administration was digitised back then in 1990, its PRI system was working even before 1993.

What has done:-

  • Lakshadweep required the industry to be people­-centric and enrich the fragile coral ecology. 
  • rainwater harvesting facilities,
  • Solar power covers 10% of lighting
  • All islands have been connected by helicopter service since 1986
  • high speed passenger boats were purchased in the 1990s by an international tender
  • redesign of the tripods reinforcing the beaches against sea erosion, and ensuring piped water supply especially designed to draw from the fresh water lens
  • Vernacular building traditions are the theme of all government housing projects undertaken in the islands in the 1980s
  • Kavaratti has a desalination wind­ powered plant gifted by the Danish government.
  • poverty line in terms of GDP is only slightly higher than the World Bank’s poverty threshold, Lakshadweep today has no poor people;
  • Long lines and refrigeration have aided the expansion of the fishing sector
  • Indiscriminate trawling endangers the coral

Way forward:-

  • need to develop policies for
    • enhancing employment opportunities, 
    • Environment­friendly
    • management of fisheries, 
    • sanitation, 
    • waste disposal and widening
    • access to drinking water
    •  Youth having acquired a modern education, 
      • preferring salaried jobs
    • over pursuing traditional occupations
  • conservation and natural resource management arrived at after wide consultation.

Why Laksweep can’t be converted in to maldive type model:-

  • Water bungalows — an expensive concept (Taken from maldive) 
    • Is also hazardous to the coral 
    • Can become the issue in the  monsoon region
  • We must note that:-A wooden jetty installed at the diving school in Kadmat needs to be dismantled every monsoon
  • allow the mining and exploitation of mineral resource will be a disaster to the coral ecosystem.

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