Aahar Kranti

Aahar Kranti

(GS PAPER, 3 Storage, Transport and Marketing of Agricultural Produce and Issues 




 The Ministry of Science and Technology launched a new mission called a Aahar Kranti

 about Aahar Kranti

  •  The Scheme is launched by Vigyan Bharati and global Indian scientist and Technocrat forum
  • the aim of the scheme Is to spread the message of the need for nutritionally balanced diet and to understand the importance of access to all local fruits and vegetables
  • CSIR Pravasi Bhartiya academic and scientific Sampark is collaborating and various Central and state government ministers are in the pipeline to join the mission as it proceeds

objective of the scheme

  •  the movement proposes to address the current situation of Hunger in abundance by walking to arouse the people to the values of India’s traditional died to the healing powers of local fruits and vegetables and to the miracles of a balanced diet
  •  it will renew the focus of nutritionally Balanced diet create in locally source fruits and vegetables
  •  the program will focus on creating teachers who in turn will pass on the message to the multitudes of students and through them to their family and finally the society at large


 need of the Aahar Kranti movement

  •  studies estimate that India produces as much as two times of the amount of calories that it consumes but still Indians are considered as malnourished
  •  the root cause of this strange phenomena is lack of nutritional awareness in all sections of our society
  •  there is a need for a nutritionally balanced diet also in the context of the current covid-19 pandemic
  •  a healthy body would be able to handle the exception much better with grater immunity and higher resilience
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