Against excess (The Hindu, GS-2 Polity)

Against excess (The Hindu, GS-2 Polity)

Context:- Maharashtra government has given Maratha reservation in educational institutions and in the public services. High court of Bombay has upheld the validity based on the state social and economic backward class commission i.e. M.G. Gaikwad commission. But Supreme Court has stuck down the validity of this act.

What are the Judgment and commissions regarding reservation:-

  • Article 15 of constitution takes about positive discrimination and article 16 takes about special privileges to sc/st and other backward class.
  • Mandal commission report which specifically talked about 27% reservations to backward class.
  • Indira sawney judgment-> 50% ceiling on reservation.
  • Nagrajan case which upheld the Indira sawney judgment.

Why there is demand of reservation now a days.

  • Depression in agriculture which is detaching the youth from this profession.
  • Dip in the economy which increases the unemployment.
  • Recession in the private sector.
  • Private sectors jobs are concentrated in the few states.
  • Increase in the working population and decrease the jobs avenues.

What should be the way forward:-

  • Encourage the private sector and its distribution.
  • Investment opportunities.
  • Ceiling on reservation like in OBC.

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