Anandpal Tomar 2nd

Anandpal Tomar 2nd

(GS Paper 1- Culture

Source- The Hindu)



Recently a government seminar was conducted in Delhi which highlighted The Legacy of The long forgotten Tomar King Anand Pal 2nd

About Anand Pal Tomar

  •  He belonged to the Tomar dynasty that rule was of present day Delhi and Haryana between  8th  and 12th century
  •  He was instrumental in populating Indraprastha and giving it its Present name Delhi

About Tomar dynasty

  •  The Delhi sultanate was established in 1192 after chauhans defeat,
  •  In the middle of 11th century he built a Fort called Lal Kot in which the Qutub Minar stands today
  • Tomar and their Dehi link find mention In some modern day literature as well.
  • Khyati Khare

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