At the Quad, forming habits of cooperation (GS-2, International relation)

At the Quad, forming habits of cooperation (GS-2, International relation)

Let’s talk about what these 4 leaders said during summit:-

  • Mr. Biden portrayed the Quad as a group of democratic partners “who share a worldview and have a common vision for the future”. 

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi was confident that the Quad would “play the role of a force for global good”

  • Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison  “ Indo-Pacific be always free from coercion”

  • Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Sugae Quad as “an extremely significant initiative

Practical cooperation

    •  “a free and open Indo Pacific, which is also inclusive and resilient”. 

      • Promoting security and prosperity in this region is the  raison d’être of the Quad,

  • New areas of collaboration: 

      • Infrastructure

      • Cybersecurity

      • space; 

      • Education and people to people relations.

    • Aligning the Quad with the G7’s Build Back Better World (B3W) Partnership.

  • four key B3W elements: 

        • digital connectivity

        • Climate

        • health security

        • gender equality infrastructure.

    • formation of an infrastructure coordination group composed of senior officials was announced.

    • Catalyse private sector investment.

    • On cybersecurity

      • the Quad will cooperate on combating cyber threats and securing critical infrastructure. 

    • On the space front

      • The plan is to identify new collaboration opportunities, especially sharing of data to monitor climate change, disaster response and preparedness, and sustainable uses of ocean and marine resources. 

      • A senior cyber group and a new working group on space will be established. 

    • On education

      • The Quad fellowship programme will award 100 graduates — 25 scholars from each Quad country — opportunities in leading STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) 

    • The three working groups on vaccines, climate and emerging technologies established last March.

      • Quad stands committed to donate over 1.2 billion doses globally

    • The Quad working group on climate change has focused on three thematic areas

      • Climate ambition

      • Clean­ energy innovation

      • climate adaptation and resilience. 

      • The Quad leaders emphasised enhanced action for achieving global net­zero emissions preferably by 2050,

    • A Quad shipping task force has now been launched to build a green­shipping network and green port infrastructure.

  • Technological front:-

    • 5G and beyond 5G networks

    • supply chains of critical minerals including semiconductors

    • Emerging advances in biotechnology

    • A contact group on Advanced Communications and Artificial Intelligence will focus on standards development and foundational research.

  • Maritime security will continue to be strengthened through bilateral 2+2.

    • Malabar Exercise

    • Bilateral or trilateral arrangements such as AUKUS 

  • Defence cooperation will not be lowered in priority; it will just be handled differently. 

International outlook:-

  • Quad sees the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as “the heart of the Indo Pacific region”. 

  • Together with the small island States in the South Pacific, ASEAN countries will stand to benefit from growing cooperation within the Quad.

Plutus IAS daily current affairs 16 Oct 2021

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