Carbon Watch

Carbon Watch

 (General Studies paper 3, Environment

                                                            Source- Pib)



Chandigarh became the first state or union territory in India to launch Karbonn watch to access individual carbon footprint.


 key points


  • It is a mobile application to the carbon footprint of an individual


  • The app can be accessed by anyone throughout the country


  •  It also has specific options for the residents of Chandigarh to compile a detailed study


  •  The application can be downloaded through a QR code in Android supported smart cell phones


  • Although Chandigarh is one of the green cities which has achieved the surplus of 45% green cover in state of the set target of 33%


  •   It still stands among 112 Indian cities identified as non attainment cities


 What is not attainment cities


 These are the cities have fallen short of the national ambient air quality standards for over 5 years


 How does the app Carbon watch work


 As a percent download the application they will need to fill details in 4  parts


  •  Water
  •  Energy
  •   waste generation
  •  Transport


  •  Each category will be required to inform about their respective consumption and waste generation


  •  With the mentioned information the mobile application will automatically calculate the carbon footprint of the individual


  •  The application will also provide information such as the National and world average of the invention and the individual level of emission generation


Significance of the app


  •  It will make the people climate smart  citizen  while  making them capable of accepting their carbon footprint along with providing them with steps to reduce it


  •  Suggest remedial actions to the people about their life style initial and possible countermeasures to mitigate the same


  • The application will help the government to make a  strategy for Chandigarh


                                                                             -Khyati Khare

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