China rolls out high speed 600km/hr Maglev train (GS-1, The Hindu, urbanization)

Context:- China rolled out a high-speed maglev train in Qingdao which can run on 600km per hr.

What is Maglev Train:-

  • It is also called the magnetic levitation train.
  • It works on either electromagnetic attraction or repulsion.
  • It was invented by inventor Robert Goddard.
  • It works on the principle about magnetic forces—like magnetic poles repel each other, and opposite magnetic poles attract each other—to lift, propel, and guide a vehicle over a track (or guideway). 
  • The magnetic repulsion or Maglev propulsion and levitation may involve the use of superconducting materials, electromagnets, diamagnets, and rare-earth magnets.
  • Currently, the maglev train is the fastest available ground vehicle in the world.
  • This shows technological advancements which also include a 30% more efficient self-developed brake system.

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