China threat for global security

China threat for global security




  • On 14th June, NATO leaders came out declaring that China is a persistent security challenge and is working to undermine the present global order.

Key Highlights-

  • NATO leaders have stated that China’s goals and ‘assertive behavior is presenting systemic challenges to the rules-based international order and to the areas which are relevant to alliance security.’ 
  • Joe Biden has persuaded all its allies to speak out against China’s trade, military, and human rights practices.
  • Although in the group 30 heads of the states have not called China an enemy but said that it poses ‘coercive policies’ and it should become more transparent as it is opaque in modernizing its armed forces and its use of misinformation. 
  • China should imbibe international commitments.
  • China was following forced labor practices and other human rights violations which are hugely impacting Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities living in the western Xinjiang province.


  • The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an association or a group of European and North American countries, formed after World War II as a bastion against Soviet aggression.

Views of other European Power-

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated that NATO’s decision to name China as a threat “shouldn’t be overstated” because Beijing, is also a partner in some areas same as Russia. 
  • China is one of Germany’s top trading partners and also Germany is hugely dependent on Russia in fulfilling the country’s energy needs.
  • France’s President Emmanuel Macron pushed that alliance not to let China divert it from what he saw as more urgent issues facing NATO, including curbing terrorism and security issues related to Russia.
  • NATO has also updated Article 5 to offer greater transparency on how the alliance should respond to major cyberattacks which is a rising concern during hacks aiming at the U.S. government and businesses around the globe by Russian hackers.
  • Beyond expanding the possible use of the Article 5 mutual defense clause to space, the leaders also strengthen the definition of what is constituting such an attack in cyberspace, in a warning to any opposition that might use constant low-level attacks as a tactic.

China’s view-

  • China has reverted to the G-7 communiqué saying that NATO is interfering in its internal matters and sovereignty and to those nations that are against China.

-Khyati Khare

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