Culture, increasingly fractured and unplanned (The Hindu, GS-1,Art and culture)

Culture, increasingly fractured and unplanned (The Hindu, GS-1,Art and culture)


Context:- Central Vista redevelopment project will be going in the full swing in upcoming days. Issue remains about the shifting of the national museum which contains fragile artefacts.


  • Now the new building of the National museum will be in the vicinity of rashtrapati bhavan and PM’s residence.
  • These two residences are high profile and high security areas.
  • So this will certainly lead to issues in the access of museums to common people.
  • Now the building which belongs to the home ministry and other ministries will be given to the national museum.

If we need to shift the national museum then what is the way forward:-

  • Properly packing of all the artefacts.
  • The National Museum contains fragile Harappan terracottas, the ashes of the Buddha and sculptures as fine as filigree.
  •  There are bronzes: from the iconic “Dancing Girl” to Chola bronzes, coins and more coins of gold, silver, copper and bronze from every epoch of Indian history and precious jewellery that was from the collections of the Nizam of Hyderabad.
  •  there are grand Egyptian stone statues, and in fact entire wooden chariots from South Indian temples.
  •  The museum immediately employed more qualified conservation personnel 
  • The largest Pallava and Chola sculptures in the National Museum weigh many tonnes obviously putting stress on heritage buildings.

International Experience:-

  • the Los Angeles County Museum of Art shut down to undertake a similar move

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