Deconstructing declarations of carbon-neutrality (The Hindu, GS-3 Environment)

Context:- Recent declaration by many countries to achieve the carbon neutrality by the mid of this century shows the alertness of countries.


  • Carbon neutrality, equity and development goes somewhere in contradiction.
  • Developing countries wants to get developed but issue is that it will emit carbon emission.
  • Our pledges in intended nationally determined contribution fall shorts.

What India must do:

  • India has one of the lowest per capita carbon emission, show India is already on the path of carbon neutrality.
  • India does not owe a carbon debt to the world.
  • India’s approach to eventual net-zero emissions is contingent on deep first world emissions reductions.
  • India’s current annual emissions such as to seriously dent the emissions gap
  • India must declared itself the carbon neutral country.

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Swarn Singh

Plutus IAS Current Affair Team

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