Dependence in the fields : Significant Art Work of Gireesh GV (GS Paper I Art and Culture )

Dependence in the fields : Significant Art Work of Gireesh GV (GS Paper I Art and Culture )


Renowned internationally recognised photographer G.V Gireesh will show his work in an exhibition after 20 years . In this Exhibition he will present his works along with his significant work Dependence in the field 

Apart from this work, Walking the line – Living together/Apart would also be presented in the exhibition 

His Work 

  • Through his photographs Gireesh had tried to present the picture of those farmers who are victims of natural calamities as well as the policies of the government . In this photograph he showed the humble scarecrow, (A type of horror mannequin which is generally used in the field of India to prevent the crops from the birds )

  • This humble scarecrow,  reflects the real picture of Indian farmers how they have been marginalised by these multinational companies 

  • The concept and the Idea of this photography is influenced by the pathetic conditions of the Indian farmers . This picture reflects the condition of all the farmers of India of various states like Andhra, Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, UP, MP etc. 

  • Farmers of the Maharashtra, Bihar and Andhra generally commit sucide because of the draught and other natural calamities 

  • During Covid , indian farmers of flowers had to face a lot of problems .participating in various exhibitions in India as well as in the world 

  • Among all his works of Gireesh , another import There were no buyers of the flowers in the market because of the lockdown .

  • Nowadays the fear of covid is continuously going out so the art lovers are coming out and pant concept was related to Delhi during 90s. After the Sikkh genocide, Gireesh tried to make photography expressing about the light (Hope) after dark (Violence) . His photography was entitled ‘Paint After Dark’

  • In fact his father was also an expert in Photography. He has been involved in the profession of photography from his childhood . Initially he did the photography from the camera of his father  but when he started to capture photos professionally he worked in numerous news publications and has participated in exhibitions across the country as well as beyond the country . 

  • Generally, he travelled via train for the outstationed photography so that he could understand the real conditions of the farmers and the society . he wanted to understand the social issues deeply and then he presented those social issues through his artworks

  • After the incent of Nirbhaya rape in Delhi, he decided to capture the pictures related to the exploitation of the women, exploitation of the children, exploitation of the farmers etc. 

  • He wants to capture those scene which are untold and unseen and reflecting any social issues 

About Girish 

  • Delhi based Gireesh had learnt the basics of photography from Thiruvananthapuram which was his hometown. Now days he is residing in Delhi . he did his masters in fine art from the central University of hyderabad

  • He had worked with several reputed houses of Journalism like India Today, outlook and forbes also contributed to the wall street min journal london . His works are also internationally recognised. 

Definitely as the photographer gireesh had earn a lot of fame in India as well as abroad but simultaneously by showing the social issues through his photography he paid  his duty of a good indian citizen also 

plutus ias daily current affairs 25 Oct 2021

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