Gandhian perspective of development.

Gandhian perspective of development.

GS Paper-4, Contributions of Moral Thinkers and Philosophers from India and World


Gandhian vision of development was the creation of a self sufficient and self-governing village for the overall development of the society. In Hind Swaraj he criticized the society based on the western nation of greed, wealth and industrialization on a massive scale.

Some critics argue that Gandhi was against machines and heavy industries but when we analyse Gandhian perspective in a broader sense we found that he had given emphasis and primacy to human labour over machines. He aimed to integrate production and employment, agriculture and industry.

Gandhi on Labour-

  • According to Gandhi, India has a huge labour force therefore it needs to focus on employment oriented production and put an emphasis on Khadi, charkha, cottage industries and dignity of labour.
  • He believed in the idea of Trusteeship where everyone is the Trustee of Surplus. He proposed the concept of Sarvodaya and he wanted to establish the concept of Gram Swaraj where the centre of economic development is the village.

Way Forward

  • Today Science and Technology have taken unprecedented strides, still millions of people are unemployed, machines have replaced the human labour force, in this scenario the idea of Gandhi became much more relevant to create a just, welfare, equitable, employable and dignified society.

– Khyati Khare

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