Global Gender Gap 2021

Global Gender Gap 2021


Source- The Hindu)


 India has fallen 28 places in the world economic forum Global gender gap report 2021  is now ranking 140  among 156 countries

 highlights of the report in Indian perspective

  •  the gender gap in this indicator widened by 3% this year
  • The share of women in professional and Technical roles declined by the 29.22 percent
  •  The share of women in senior and managerial post is at 14.6 and only 8.9 % of firm in the country has top female managers
  • The estimated earned income of women in India is only one-fifth of men which puts the country among the bottom 10 globally on this indicator.
  •  India has declined in this index by 13.5% points and ranks 51 in women’s participation in politics
  •  In this index, India has been at 114
  •  India has shared the worst in the indicator which includes the sex ratio and economic participation of women

 Global Gender Gap report 2021

  •  It is published by World Economic Forum
  •  It Benchmarks the evolution of gender-based gap among four dimension-
  1.  economic participation and opportunity
  2.  educational attainment
  3.  Health and survival
  4.  political empowerment
  • This year the Global gender gap index benchmark 156 countries
  •  Iceland is the most gender-equal  country in the world for the twelfth time

 Impact of covid-19 on the report

  •  the report shows that women experience a bigger gender gap in potential based job transition in fields where they are currently under-represented such as
  1.  cloud computing
  2.  Engineering
  3.  product development
  •  there was an increase of stress in society around the job insecurity and difficulty in maintaining work-life balance among women with children

World Economic Forum

  •  It is an international organization for public-private cooperation
  •  It engages the 4 most political business cultural and other leaders of the society to shape  Global regional and industrial agendas 

-Khyati Khare

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