Good neighbours (The Hindu, GS-1, GS-2)

Good neighbours (The Hindu, GS-1, GS-2)

Context:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the war of liberation.

  • War in 1971:
    • Why:
      • Bangabandhu won the election in 1971 but he was not allowed to form government, subsequently people protested and people.
      • Army of Pakistan brutally thrashed its own people on this pretext people came to india and a mass immigration, which pushed India into the war.
    • India and Bangladesh relation
      • Both are the members of
        • BBIN
        • BIMSTEC
        • SAARC
        • Indian naval symposium
      • Why Bangladesh is important for India
        • To counter China
        • To contain extremism in northeast
        • To bypass the chicken’s Neck
        • To contain inflation in northeast.


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