Haryana govt. says uncultivable land outside Old Gurugram not Aravalis (GS-3, Environment)

Haryana govt. says uncultivable land outside Old Gurugram not Aravalis (GS-3, Environment)

Context:-   The Haryana government has advised the district committees for ‘ground truthing’ of National Conservation Zone in the districts falling in the National Capital Region to not consider gair mumkin pahar (uncultivable land), outside Old Gurugram district, as Aravalis. To counter the above view Environmentalists have said that this was contrary to decisions taken at the NCR Planning Board meetings and would wrongly benefit real estate players and farmhouse owners, especially in Faridabad.

What is Aravali:

  • They are aligned in a south-west to north-east direction.
  • They run between Delhi and Palanpur in Gujarat for about 800 km.
  • They are very old, folded mountains of the world and the oldest in
  • India also known as relict mountain i.e. remnants after severe weathering and erosion for millions of years.
  • This range is formed in the Archaean Era and at that time its summits were nourishing glaciers and several summits were probably higher than the present day Himalayas.
  • They continue up to Hariddwar buried under the alluvium of Ganga Plains.
  • The range is Continuous in Rajasthan (continuous range south of Ajmer where it rises to 900 m.) but becomes less distinct in Haryana and Delhi (characterized by a chain of detached and discontinuous ridges beyond Ajmer).
  • one Branch of the Aravallis extends to the Lakshadweep Archipelago through the Gulf of Khambhat and the other into Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka According to some geographers,.
  • It’s elevation is only 400-600 m, with hardly some hills well above 1,000 m.
  • The hill peaks are Mt. Abu (1,158 m), this hills small hilly block which is separated from the main range by the valley of the Banas. Guru Sikhar (1,722 m) is the highest peak and situated in Mt. Abu.

1992 Aravali notification:-

  • According to 1992 Aravali notification of the Environment Ministry under environment protection act says effeffectively keeping gair mumkin pahar outside the National Conservation Zone.

Way forward:-

  • Aravali must be conserved as they are fragile.
  • We must increase the people participation.
  • We must include all stakeholder approach.

Source:- The Hindu, PIB

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