Hate Speeches : Must be stopped during election

Hate Speeches : Must be stopped during election

Hate Speeches- Today Current Affairs

Context : A three-judge Bench led by Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana is scheduled on Wednesday (January 12) to urgently hear a petition seeking the arrest and trial of people who made hate speeches, inciting violence towards Muslims, at the Haridwar Dharma Sansad.

Introduction : 

We generally observe , during the time of elections , some politicians try to polarize majority people on the name of religion because religion is the only tool through which we could be united . Therefore , during the last days some religious organizations delivered hate speech and called for genocite of the minority people. After filing the case against, the role of local police looks also suspicious in this regard. Therefore honorable supreme court had to intervene in this matter and a Bench was appointed to hear this matter . 

Generally Laws related to hate speech are not very effective and efficient. Therefore honorable supreme court must review these laws related to hate speeches and SC will definitely give some clear interpretation over the hate speeches . Honable court must fix the role of administration in such incident and should punish the officers related to investigation of matter of hate speeches 

Nevertheless, this growing incidence of hate speeches, especially those targeting minorities, in combination with the judicial ambiguity has provided an opportunity to chart legislative reforms.

What is hate speech: The Hindu Analysis

Hate speeches is the term used by media where a group of the people or individual abuse against a particular community or religion and appeal  for the genocite . It is not necessary, this hate speech is given only in a clear word , sometimes indirectly , the call for conflict between two communities also comes under the category of hate speeches .

 Hate speech is neither defined in the Indian legal framework nor can it be easily reduced to a standard definition due to the myriad forms it can take. Black’s Law Dictionary has defined it as “speech that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group, such as a particular race, especially in circumstances in which the communication is likely to provoke violence.” 

All the speeches which provoke for the violence against any community or religion or race are hate speeches 

What is Polarization of Vote: The Hindu Analysis

The polarization of vote means the gathering or accumulation of the vote or concentration of the vote on a particular ground . Through hate speeches , the fear of a particular community is generally created among the people . It is shown that two communities are having mutually conflicting and contradictory interests . The interest of one community can be protected only after the abolition of the interest of another community . In this way , generally , it is declared that polarization is only a tool for survival , if the people of a particular community will not come together , they will be destroyed . 

Significance of hate speeches in Democracy and election: The Hindu Analysis

In democracy , the support of the majority of people is necessary because democracy is the number game and in the politics of the number game, maximum numbers must be assured. Therefore most people would try to polarize on the name of religion or race . Aggression is the tool to bring all the people together easily therefore , our politicians related to the majority community generally take help of the hate speeches in elections. There are many examples in Indian politics . 

What is the role of election commission in hate politics: The Hindu Analysis

This is the moral and constitutional duty of the election commission to conduct free and fair elections and stop every such unfair means used by the politicians for political benefits. The election commision should not only be unbiased or neutral in practice but also its neutrality should be visible and it is the duty of the election commission to show it credibility . Election commission can do this thing only by stopping such hate speeches directly or indirectly (Where it is said that , the election is the fight between 80 % and 20 %, ) . 

What is the Role of Judiciary to stop hate speeches: The Hindu Analysis

In Indian penal code, hate speeches are not clearly defined and even it is not a criminal offense also . The current legislative set-up has several provisions to criminalize offenses which can be characterized as hate speech. The High Court of Karnataka, in Campaign Against Hate Speech v. The State of Karnataka (2020), was of the opinion that the Indian Penal Code illegalises speeches that are intended to promote enmity or prejudice the maintenance of harmony between different classes. Specifically, sections of the IPC, such as 153A, which penalizes promotion of enmity between different groups; 153B, which punishes imputations, assertions prejudicial to national integration; 505, which punishes rumors and news intended to promote communal enmity, and 295A, which criminalizes insults to the religious beliefs of a class by words with deliberate or malicious intention, contribute to combating hate speeches.

The Supreme Court should analyze the matter related to hate speech directly or indirectly . If hate speeches are related with communal violence must be stopped 

What measures must be adopted to stop hate speeches: The Hindu Analysis

The following measures should be adopted to stop hate speeches 

  1. Intellectual and responsible citizens should come forward to stop such speeches. They should completely boycott those persons and organization  who delivers such hate speeches 
  2. Election commission should take strong action against it whether the hate speeches given directly or indirectly 
  3. Honorable SC , should keep its close eyes over these hate speeches and by suo moto action SC should instruct the administration to take strong action against hate speeches 
  4. Political parties also should avoid such communal organization because , country is first, election is secondary. They can win elections through fair means also . 


As per the above analysis that our politicians and all the citizen and responsible person as well as judiciary should keep their close eyes closed over hate speech . They and their organization must be socially , politically boycotted and should be executed strongly . The stability of the country must be our priority. Winning elections or only political gains should not be our priority . Our country would be strong and prosper through organized efforts of each citizen so every dividing effort must be boycotted .


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