Impact of Russia Ukrainian War on over India : An Analysis

Impact of Russia Ukrainian War on over India : An Analysis


Impact of Russia Ukrainian War on over India – Today Current Affairs

Context : Russia has declared its invasion over Ukraine . The Russia Ukraine war will not only affect Europe but also the entire world, mainly India . 

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  • War is only a destructive word. It brings only destruction in different form. The Ukraine Russian war will impact India in every dimension economically, politically as well as social and ideologically also . For the last several years the nature of the Indian economic system has changed and India has been a little bit inclined towards America. India has been advocating peace for a long time. India has been always opposing and condemning any type of aggression towards small and poor countries by big and powerful countries but simultaneously we have been respecting the values of friendship for a thousand years. Therefore we can not openly oppose the decision of our traditional friend Russia The initiation of Russian military operations in Ukraine makes it more difficult for India to navigate between the United States and Russia.
  • In Changing scenario India can not ignore America because in the Asia pacific region , only Indian American friendship can create balance against the Chinese aggression. Therefore, We have to take any decision carefully to protecting our interest first . 

India’s relation With Russia : The Hindu Analysis

  • Russia has been a strategic partner of India. We have been exporting arms /weapons of 60 % of our requirements from Russia.  There are many high-tech areas of cooperation with Russia, including nuclear energy, space, and the joint production of certain weapon systems such as the BrahMos missile.

Impact on Political system of India : The Hindu Analysis

India’s diplomacy will be carefully implemented keeping her interest in priority. Chinese aggression should also be balanced with the support of US and parallelly we have to prevent the closeness of Pakistan with Russia and China up to maximum extent 

Impact On India’s Energy Strategy : The Hindu Analysis

  • Russia Ukraine war will be caused by the energy crises not only in India but also in the world. Russia is the one of the largest exporter of the natural gas in the world and even after the economic sanctions over Russia the the exchange rate of the dollar would be also increased in respect to rupees which will be resulted in the high price of the petroleum in India However the price of the crude oil has already increased . International trade will be impacted which will adversely impact the foreign investment in India 
  • However Russian investment will be continue but it would be only in those sectors which are beneficial of the Russia 
  • Inflation will also be increasing because of the the increment in the price of petroleum which impact the overall economic crisis which would be more burdened to the middle class in India who has been bearing the burden of the inflation for 3 years during corona pandemic 
  • India has been a big importer of  metal from Russia. If there are more sanctions on Russia and metal imports are banned then it will be crises for those sectors which are metal intensive , mainly vehicles 
  • It will inversely impact on the import of the coal from Russia 

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Conclusion : 

As per the above discussion, the situation is very crucial for India also and very careful steps must be raised in this situation. This war would badly impact the economy of India. Because of the devaluation of the Indian currency, it will increase the price of all imported things , mainly petroleum and Gas. Which will be resulted as the energy crises in India . Entire economy based on the petroleum would be impacted during  this war.


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