Implications of the winning of Gustavo Petro in the presidential election of Columbia 

Implications of the winning of Gustavo Petro in the presidential election of Columbia 


Implications of the winning of Gustavo Petro in the presidential election of Columbia – Today Current Affairs


In the presidential election of Columbia, a Latin American country, Gustavo Petro wins with a huge majority. He is a leftist, therefore,  Should it be assumed whether the leftism has returned in Latin American countries or liberal leftism has emerged in the form of a Pink tide 

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Introduction : 

The winning of a leftist leader in a Latin American country should not be underestimated. Gustavo Petro, who has been recently elected for the prudent of the Columbia has been the extremist leftist leader of the Columbia ( a former urban guerrilla, a member of M-19)  and he had been involved in many violent revolutions in Columbia. The election of Mr. Petro would bring a drastic change in the politics of the Latin countries. The election of the Mr petro should be understood as the return of liberal leftism in the form of pink tide in Latin American countries or not, the time will tell in this regard 

What is the concept of Pink tide?  The Hindu Analysis

The term Pink tide is used by the media for the new form of leftism. This concept is moving away from the neoliberalism of the 21st century. Unlike extreme leftism, this concept believes in democratic values but believes in equal distribution of production. However it also supports the violence for the abolition of the government of the bourgeoise but simultaneously, it opts for the liberal means to abolish it. 

What are the political changes in Latin American countries?  The Hindu Analysis

Covid crisis and the maladministration of the governments of the Latin American countries paved the way for the rise of leftism once again which had lost its significance after globalization. These countries are badly affected by the covid pandemic. Almost 30 % of deaths in the world have been recorded however the population of the Latin American countries is only 8% of the world’s population. the reason behind these deaths has been considered the maladministration of the rightist government.  The Hindu Analysis

The election of Gustavo Petro should be seen in the sequence of the elections of  Gabriel Boric in Chile, Xiomara Castro in Honduras, Luis Arce in Bolivia, Pedro Castillo in Peru, and earlier victories of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico and Alberto Fernández in Argentina. All these leaders are from leftist ideas. The political experts predicted that in the coming days the ideology of leftism would be rapidly spread in Latin American countries 

 What is the Agenda of Bogota : The Hindu Analysis

The agenda of Bogota is clear to implement the leftist ideology in his country and we are at the beginning of another “political cycle”, marked by the ascendancy of the Left. But the time will tell which type of leftist ideology would be implemented. Extreme leftism or liberal leftism 

Mr. Petro, 62, an economist, and a former mayor of Bogotá, is especially attuned to the environmental challenge. His main agenda is to wean Colombia away from its dependence on fossil fuels such as oil and coal (40% of the country’s export revenues come from oil), stop fracking (a technique used in natural gas and petroleum production), and move towards an energy transition.

Another agenda would be working on gender issues. Gender equality would be the main agenda of the Petro  (his Cabinet has a larger number of women than men).  The Hindu Analysis

. Another agenda would be to reduce the economical gap which has been increased in the Columbia in last some years. The new government would try to stop the human trafficking as well as the drugs trafficking also 

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As per the above discussion, it is concluded that once again leftism is returning to Latin American countries with its new form. As the possibilities of ideological conflict evolve, once again  NAM shows its significance. It is also concluded that in economically deprived countries the ideology of leftists emerges easily. The changing politics of the Latin American countries would open new chapters of learning for the entire world. 


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