In Biden’s policy pursuit, the world order challenge

In Biden’s policy pursuit, the world order challenge

Issue: During campaign Biden was vocal about restoring JCPOA with Iran which the USA had left during the Trump era. Now work on this is very slow


  • Biden will reverse the Trump administration policy as he said but the issue, interest of regional allies were not taken into account. E.g Saudi arab, Israel.
  • Uncertainty will translate into misinformation and tension may escalate. As we have seen from the israel stand where her chief of defence said “We can also explore other options if iran nuclear deal will restore)

What is the current scenario?

  • Regional states such as saudi due it’s regional power hegemony, Israel due to direct security threat, UAE etc alo don’t want the deal to be restored, or if any talks prevail then these countries must be consulted.
  • Iran has its own strength where China is giving her required oxygen, and Russia requires food.
  • The Iranian ability to mobilise militants across the region is viewed by Israel + Gulf Arab state-> s threatening their security,
  • Countries are concerned about Iran’s influence with their Shia populations as well.
  • Iran’s capabilities in precision missiles, drones and in other defence areas are also a matter of regional anxiety.

From India’s point of view

  • Removal of sanction on iran so that connectivity to the chabahar port can be extended.
  • Oil-> energy security
  • India’s investment will be safe.
  • India’s reach to afghanistan.
  • Iran will not have to be dependent on China.
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