Inception Day of NCRB (PIB)

Inception Day of NCRB (PIB)


  • NCRB commemorated its 36th Inception Day this year on 11th March 2021.
  • NCRB was complimented for its efforts in handing over timely Publications and IT Applications for the criminal justice ecosystem.
  • The role of NCRB was appreciated in developing an ecosystem of scientific and smart policing.

About NCRB:

  • It was set up in 1986 by merging the Inter-State Criminals Data Branch, Directorate of Coordination and Police Computer, and Central Finger Print Bureau of the CBI.
  • Its head-quarter is in Delhi.
  • Its objectives are as follows:
  • To maintain the scientific database of all the criminals, national-level law enforcement agencies in India.
  • Suggest ways to facilitate the IT developments and their incorporation in law enforcement.
  • Maintain data and statistics of the crimes and the criminals in a timely manner at the national level.
  • Publishing ‘Crime In India’ report annually to help in understanding the law and order situation in the country.

Recent initiatives:

  • CCTNS Hackathon:

It helps in enhancing skills and deepens the perceptive of the police personnel at the grass-roots level to embrace smart approaches for resolving the emerging threats and to establish smooth coordination with industry and academia. It is organized every year.

  • Cyber Challenge:

This is done to harness new ideas in the youngsters, which in turn will lead to better coordination with the law enforcement, and at the same time, the institution will benefit greatly from the innovative ideas.


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