International mother language Day

International mother language Day


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 The Vice President of India inaugurated the webinar on international mother language day




  •  The theme of the 2021 celebrations is “fostering multilingualism for inclusion in education and Society”


  • it recognises that language and multilingualism can advance inclusion and the sustainable development goals focus on leaving no one behind


  •  the vice president called for making mother language the primary medium of instruction at least country grade 5


 The Other highlighted areas are


  •  the use of local language in administration
  •  Court proceedings and to deliver judgements in them 
  •  gradual increase in the use of indigenous language in higher and Technical Education
  • diversity is an important link to our social cultural identity
  •  it is a repository of our collective knowledge and with them this need to be protected preserved and promoted
  • UNESCO declared 21st  February as International mother language day in 1999 and world has been celebrating the same since 2000
  • the day also commemorate the long struggle by Bangladesh to protect its mother language Bangla




  •  The recently announced national education policy 2020 had given maximum attention to the development of mother tongue
  •  The commission for scientific and Technical terminology is providing Publication branch towards the publication of university level books in regional languages
  • The national translation mission is being implemented through the central Institute of Indian languages Mysore
  • protection and preservation of endangered languages scheme for conservation of threatened language
  •  the University Grant Commission also promotes regional languages in higher education course in the country


 Global efforts for protection of languages


  •  the United Nations has designated the period between 2022 and 2032 as the international decade of indigenous languages


  •  the proclamation made by UNESCO at China in 2018 play a central role in guiding the efforts of the countries and regions around the world to protect   linguistic resources and diversity


                                                                             -Khyati Khare

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