International Pulsar Timing Array

International Pulsar Timing Array

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Source- India Today)


 India is first Asian country to join International pulsar timing array with upgraded Giant metrewave radio telescope

 key highlights

  •  India has become the first Asian country to be a full member of IPTA consortium
  • From India Observations were made by Pune based upgraded giant meter wave radio telescope
  • This telescope is operated by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research – National Centre for radio Astrophysics

 International Pulsar Timing Array

  • Its goal is to detect and characterize the low frequency gravitational wave universe through timing a global array of  approximately 100 milliseconds Pulsar using the largest radio telescope in the world
  •  These waves are especially those which are emerging from to orbiting very large  supermassive black holes
  •  sharing of resources will help to reach other IPTA goals like stabilizing a Pulsar based reference Time Scale 


 In 2016 short period gravitational waves were first detected using two  laser interferometer gravitational-wave observatory located in US

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