Stage: 3- Personal Interview for Personality Test

  1. Candidates who successfully clear the Mains Round of the Civil Services Examination are called for the Personality Test/Interview. Candidates are interviewed by a Board appointed by UPSC.
  2. The Board of competent and unbiased observers assesses the personal suitability of the candidates for a career in the Civil Services.
  3. This Stage contains 275 marks and the marks for the Mains Round are 1750. The total marks for the final merit are 2025.

How to prepare for the Personal Interview

The time limit for the IAS Interview is not fixed but it is believed that the longer the interview is, the more chances to clear that. This is the period that changes the lives of many IAS aspirants. A high score in the UPSC interview can sometimes create a difference of more than 100 marks with fellow candidates in just under 30 minutes.
Here are the Golden tips that can lead you to prepare for this last stage in the right way-

  • Use Time: Time plays an important role in the Civil Services Examination. Don’t wait for the result announcement of the Mains Exam for the Interview preparation. Once you write the Mains Exam, start preparing for the Interview Round.
  • Know your Weaknesses: To successfully clear the Interview Round, one must know his weaknesses so that they can’t be the hurdle in the final selection. Most of the candidates don; ’t know themselves. Try to know the different aspects of the personality, be it hidden or unknown.
  • Follow your bio-data: Questions are also asked from your bio-data as well. Copies of the detailed application form are shared with all the board members. Never fumble on any Personal Question. Prepare well for the questions from your bio-data such as- hobbies, education, work-experience, service-preference, etc.
  • Attain a positive attitude: As you are going to face the interview for India’s best job, many myths and rumors are also there regarding this stage. You may have bad experiences too in this stage in previous exams, but the main factor is to keep a positive attitude. Don’t let yourself go negative. Just hope for the best.
  • Don’t lie: Do not put extraordinary facts in your bio-data to impress the interviewers which do not belong to you. Interviewers can catch those things very often.
  • Work on your communication skills: You must have proper command over your communication skills for the interview. Debates and news on TV Channels are one of the best ways to improve communication skills. 
  • Straight Forward Answers: Always answer to-the-point. Don’t make your answers a maze of multiple facts or thoughts. Just try to answer straight-forward whatever is asked. 
  • The habit of reading newspapers: Most of the candidates stop reading newspapers once they write the Mains Exam. But, knowledge about the latest happenings around the world is very important in the Interview Round of the exam. Have deep knowledge of all the Headlines and stories of the newspapers on the day of the interview.
  • Knowledge of your state & district: It is very important to have a deep knowledge of the state or district you belong to. You must know the problems faced by the people of your place and their solutions too.
  • Be yourself: Don’t present the fake personality before the UPSC Board. Don’t give the ready-made answers, express your opinion that can show your personality.
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