Jamini Roy : A renowned painter of India  (GS Paper I : ART & CULTURE)

Jamini Roy : A renowned painter of India  (GS Paper I : ART & CULTURE)


The world is celebrating the birth anniversary of French painter, Paul Delaroche. On this occasion a quiz competition was organised in France and the many questions asked in that quiz were related to legendary Indian Pinter Jaimony Roy . Recognition of the Jaimini Roy as the renowned international painter is glorifiable for India’s fans of painting 

Jaimini Roy 

  • He was born in Beliatore on 11 April 1887 in a prosperous family . He was influenced by Ravindra Tanth Tagore . He learnt the basic elements of the painting from  Abanindranath Tagore at the Government College of Art in Kolkata. Abnindra Nath tagore was renowned painter of India and his legendary work was the painting of Bharat Mata 

  • Heused  the simple forms, flat colors, and humble paints of Bengali folk artists. 

  • He was awarded with Padma Bhushan award from the Government of India in 1954,

  • Roy’s work is nowadays internationally recognised and his works  can be found in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida, and the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi

  • There is a college in Beliatore  in the name of Jaimini Roy . This College is founded in December 1986

  • He was related with the kalighat style of painting 

  • He  is known for his passion for simple Indian folk art and his love for Indian roots. 

  • His Kalighat paintings were based on the everyday life of rural Bengal, Ramayana, Jesus Christ, Europeans in India among others. 

  • His paintings Ramayana, Dual Cats with one Crayfish, Bride and 2 companions, Crucifixion with attendant angels are considered to be his magnum opus. 

  • Everywhere in Bengal nowadays the Painting of Jamini Roy has been reached. People use his work on the occasion of festivals and some household rituals  

Kalighat Painting 

  • This is a typical Bengal painting related to the goddess kali 

  • Kalighat paintings were traditionally painted on a piece of cloth called patas. Even Though as the modernisation has come , some  fundamental features have changed . Now this may be painted on walls also  

  • In its initial form , it  emerged as a souvenir for the devotees who visited the temple. Coherently, these artworks graced themes of Hindu deities and mythology.

  • This type of Folk art is recognised  for its pristine colour pattern. 

  • The artists related to Kalighat painting generally  use vibrant and opaque colours, they draw fine lines with other colours.

  •  Initially, natural dyes and colours were used to preserve the indigeneity of the rural art form but now days many painters started to use chemical colours in this art

  • The stories glorifying our ancient Indian history are being painted in such paintings like stories described in  Mahabharata, Ramayana, goddess Kali, Lord Krishna and Shiva .

  •  As the society changed and the requirement of the glove changed  the themes got diversified and absorbed the social and political conditions of colonial Bengal. 

  • During the time Jaimini Roy This painting was showing the pathetic conditions of common people in colonial period 

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