Kashi Tamil Sanagamam

Kashi Tamil Sanagamam

Kashi Tamil Sanagamam

In the news: Amit Shah, Union Minister of Housing was speaking at the 30-day Kashi Tamil Sanagamam event’s concluding ceremony, an effort to inspire a cultural renaissance that will unify the nation and connect various languages. This topic is related to the daily current affairs for the UPSC examination. 

For Prelims: Government policies and interventions, GS -2

For Mains: Government policies and interventions, GS -2

About Kashi Tamil Sanagamam

  • The Kashi Tamil Sanagamam commemorates a variety of aspects of the historical and cultural ties that bind North and South India.
  • The overarching goal is to enhance the bonds between the peoples of the two regions while also bringing together the knowledge and cultural traditions of the North and the South.
  • The project is in line with the National Education Policy (NEP), which places a strong emphasis on fusing the richness of Indian Knowledge Systems with contemporary knowledge systems by the year 2020.
  • The program’s two implementing organizations are IIT Madras and Banaras Hindu University (BHU).
  • The Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Ministries of Education, Culture, Textiles, Railways, Tourism, Food Processing, Information & Broadcasting, etc. are working together to put it on.

 Cultural Significance of Kashi Tamil Sanagamam

  • King Parakrama Pandya, who governed the area around Madurai in the 15th century, wished to erect a temple to Lord Shiva and went to Kashi (Uttar Pradesh) to bring back a lingam.
  • When he tried to continue his journey, the cow carrying the lingam stood still. He had stopped to rest under a tree while traveling back.
  • The location where the lingam was installed later became known as Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. Parakrama Pandya recognized this as the Lord’s will and installed the lingam there.
  • The Kasi Viswanathar Temple was constructed by the Pandyas at what is now Tenkasi, in southwest Tamil Nadu, near the state’s border with Kerala, for devotees who could not go to Kashi.

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

  • It was formed in 2015 with the goal of encouraging interaction between citizens of various States and UTs to strengthen ties and mutual understanding among those from different cultural backgrounds and preserve India’s unity and integrity.
  • It is a Ministry of Education initiative.


  • To help people understand and respect India’s diversity and develop a shared identity, highlight the rich heritage, culture, customs, and traditions of either State.
  • Make long-term commitments.
  • Foster the nation’s unity amidst its diversity and uphold and build the fabric of the historically existent emotional ties among our people.
  • Promote the spirit of national integration by engaging all Indian States and Union Territories deeply and systematically throughout the course of a year-long scheduled engagement among States.
  • Establish a setting where best practices and experiences are shared to encourage learning amongst nations.


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