Kochi-based artist Anna Jovita Rajam : His art depicts Daily Routine of life (GS Paper 1 )

Kochi-based artist Anna Jovita Rajam : His art depicts Daily Routine of life (GS Paper 1 )

Context :

 An Artist of Kochi named Anna Jovita Rajam has painted our daily life on canvas . In his artwork she used modern technology. In fact she made painting by using an ipad and depicted the Things happening at home or the sights.

About Anna Jovita Rajam

  •  Her art also comes with a tinge of humour and often leaves the viewers in chuckles. 

  • A girl named Jovita is a 25-year-old artist. She is a free launcher artist 

  • She is native of Alappuzha. This is a small town in Kerala. This city is also situated in the coastal region .She had done her masters in animation. In her initial level she used a pencil for replicating portraits . Gradually  she used multiple mediums in her painting . She used acrylic, gouache, oil, and now digital mediums in her painting 

  • Jovita innovates many ways to convey her subjects creatively through blending storytelling elements. 

  • In the initial level her subjects  weren’t based on any concept. She just copied the concept and story of others and painted the image . But gradually she has learnt many fundamentals of the painting and started to make animations in which she used own themes . In fact she wanted to attract the art lovers through her painting . She made her debut poster for the Malayalam movie, Thirike.

  • In fact, since her childhood she was influenced by comic books and cartoons. In her painting we see its influence also 

  • Instead of keeping the emotions bland, Jovita often strikes joyful themes and characters. 

  • Sometimes she chronicles real-life incidents, like she being chased by her pet rooster and running for her life, or it is her pet dog Tony and the never-ending saga of him destroying the footwear at home.

  • In her theme some time humour elements could also be observed . In fact Mr peckers and Tony are the comic characters of her creations . She had brought some modifications in each frame, and to convey the story better, detailings are done in an elaborative way.

  • Jovita picks pastels and rusty red and oranges as her colour palette to make them more appealing and soothing,

  • She has not bound herself with any specific style . She is very flexible in her style of painting . As per the demand of her fans and the art lovers she changes her style .She has painted many themes on the occasions of weddings, anniversaries. Her sketches range from real-life incidents to anything that strikes a chord with her. She is always ready to opt for a new style of painting if any style of the painting attracts  and inspires her.  

  • The youngster’s inktober series inspired by the topics set by the artist, Jake Parker, is unlike her cheerful comic themes. The monochrome images made using lines and hatching with ink is another source to let her creative juices flow.

  • In fact, artist Anna Jovita Rajam is a young and talented artist of kerala . Her works on art are inspirations for the young generation of the artist. Definitely the role of   Anna Jovita Rajam in the area of artist is very appreciable and government shou;ld also encourage esuch young artists through various means of the appreciation.

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