Low rainfall in Delhi, impacting the life cycle of Dragonfly

 Low rainfall in Delhi, impacting the life cycle of Dragonfly

Delhi Weather impacts the Life Cycle of Dragonfly

The topic is based on the Effect of Climate Change on Biodiversity. The article also talks about how Delhi Weather impacts the Life Cycle of Dragonfly

Prelims: Effect of climate change on biodiversity

Mains: GS –III, environmental issues, pollution, and degradation,

Why in headlines?

  • A survey done by the Biodiversity Parks of Delhi on Dragonflies and Damselflies indicates that low this year’s low rainfall will impact their life cycle and number.
  • A total of 25 species of dragonflies and damselflies were recorded in the Biodervsity Park along with the Kamla Nehru Ridge 

Life cycle of Dragon

What are Dragonflies  

  • These are big predator insects, of beautiful colors, generally found near water bodies.
  • More than 5000 known species of dragonflies exist, and their fossils have proved that they have been on the earth for many years.
  • They have long thin colorful bodies, with six legs and large eyes, and two pairs of transparent wings.
  • They have two large compound eyes, each with thousands of lenses, and three eyes with simple lenses.

Pic: Dragonflies

 The different stages of the Life cycle of Dragonfly

dragon fly life stages

PIC: Dragonfly life stages

Life Cycle of Dragonfly

Pic: Life Cycle of Dragonfly

Dragonflies vs Damselflies 

Dragonflies Damselflies
long body predator a lender insect, resting with the

folded back the body

unequal winged: Anisoptera yoke winged: Zygoptera
broadly rounded eyes spherical eyes
3(approx) inches long Comparatively small
stocky Long and slender
the thorax is broader the abdomen Thorax s narrow and has the

same width as the abdomen

known as filers: can fly long distance known as perchers:

only cover a small distance

Importance of Dragonflies and Damselflies for the environment:  

  •  The dragonflies are crucial bio-indicator of the ecological health of a particular area.
  • At the 1st census of it, a total of 51 different species were revealed in New Delhi and NCR, which was carried out in 2018.
  • Dragonflies and Damselflies are predatory insects
  • They play a very crucial role in checking the insect population, especially pests like mosquitoes and agricultural pests.

Bioindicators are:

  • They are living organisms like plants, plankton, animals, and microbes which are used to access the condition of the natural ecosystem in the environment.
  • Some of the Bioindicators:
  • Lichens check the quality of the air.
  • Frogs are influenced by changes that take place in freshwater and terrestrial areas

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