Punjab announced on Eid that only muslim dominated town and the former princely State of Punjab Malerkotla would be the 23rd district of the state

 history of Malerkotla-

  •  Malerkotla was founded by the 15th century sufi saint Sheikh Sadruddin Sadr i Jahan also known as Haider Sheikh.
  • The initial beginning were humble with Maler which was bestowed by the Behlol Lodhi to the Sheikh whose lineage too was Afghan As was Lodhi and they were said to be distantly related
  • Kotla meaning fortress was added later in the 17th century with a collection of villages which formed a Jagir which was awarded to the Baizaad e Khan a descendant of Haider Sheikh by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan

How are new districts carved –

  • The power to create new district or existing district rest with the state government
  • The state government request is sent to other departments and agencies such as Ministry of earth sciences, Intelligence Bureau, department of post, Ministry of Railways for seeking clearance
  • No obligation certificate may be issued after examining their replies 

-Khyati Khare

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