Media and sedition (The Hindu, Governance, GS-2)

Media and sedition (The Hindu, Governance, GS-2)


Context:- Sedition which is a colonial legacy, is included under IPC 124A. Recent case of Dua case which was quashed by the court, where the court specifically said that criticism of the government can’t be included under Sedition.

  • Included in IPC 1870. IPC 1860 was included by the meccaly committee.
  • 124A was included on the recommendation of Sir James Stephe
  • first used to prosecute Bal Gangadhar Tilak in 1897.

Supreme court case:- 

  • In 1995, the SC, in Balwant Singh vs State of Punjab, held that mere sloganeering which evoked no public response did not amount to sedition.
  • Section 124A of the IPC, the provision for sedition, set out in Kedar Nath Singh (1962). 
    • Criticism does not tantamount to sedition.

Way forward:-

  • The higher judiciary should use its supervisory powers to sensitize People, the magistracy and police to the constitutional provisions protecting free speech.
  • The definition of sedition should be narrowed down
  • Civil society must take the lead to raise awareness.

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