Morozov art : Cultural Relation Between France and Russia  (GS paper I- Art and Culture )

Morozov art : Cultural Relation Between France and Russia  (GS paper I- Art and Culture )

Context Recently French President Emmanuel Macron inaugurated an exhibition on Morozov Art . In this exhibition prominent French artists such as Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh alongside had participated with almost 200 other artists . Many Russian artists also participated in this exhibition . 

It marks a further step in the “Trianon Dialogue”, an initiative to strengthen ties between French and Russian civil society through cultural cooperation that was launched in 2017 by Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Morozov art

This art is named after the Russian artist Ivan Morozov . He was influenced by French impressionism. Impressionism is  a style of painting in which we depict the visual impression of the moment, especially in terms of the shifting effect of light and color. It originated in France in the 1860s. 

Post-Impressionism is also a type of painting which emerged in  French between 1886 and 1905, as a reaction against Impressionists’ . In this type of school generally natural colors are used in painting 

About Ivan Morozov

He was born in Moscow. He was from a rich  textile merchant family . He studied chemistry in Moscow . He wanted to be a scientist. He learnt  drawing, and plein-air painting. 

In 1895, he returned to Russia and began work at the family’s huge textile factories at Tver. Even though Ivan Morozov’s firm was earning a lot of profit, Ivan Morozov could not satisfy with his work and finally  handed over his firm to a Bolshevik committee. In 1899 he devoted his whole time to the service of art . Here he started classical-style painting. After the death of  his father Abram Ivan’s mother became the  Chairman of the family business. 

The Morozov Art Collection

Morozov was more analytical than Shchukin,and more deliberate. not a single receipt from his French dealers was destroyed, or lost, during the period 1903-14, this implies that his methodology is the best . Infact Morozov did not want to share his collection  with the public because his artwork was his passion and he considered it as his hobby not as profession . Initially His gallery mansion was shared only with his family and  close friends, and the occasional scholar. 

The large hall was devoted to Impressionists like Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Degas and Sisley. Close by, were pictures by Cezanne and Matisse, two examples of Neo-impressionism by Signac, and a large entry hall and stairway with pictures by Denis and Bonnard. Upstairs, the second floor belonged to Post-Impressionist painters, such as: Van Gogh, Gaugin, Picasso, Albert Marquet, Andre Derain and Othon Friesz.

Russia and France both have a long history of cultural relationship dating back to the 18th century . During the 18th century many intellucls were imported by Russia . Since during that time an a political turmoil was going on so many French scholars had to left France 

Art and culture is the medium to bring two nations together. As for the relationship between France and Russia this art definitely played an important role . Definitely it emerged in Russia but after the Russian revolution 1917 it moved outside of Russia and this art had become popular in France. Nowadays through this art, once again cultural heritage of France as well Russia are being protected . These type of things definitely will strengthen the relation between France and Russia


Dr Anshul Bajpai 

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