Naturally, selection (GS-2, Governance, The Hindu)

Naturally, selection (GS-2, Governance, The Hindu)


Context:- To save the population from the wrath of the pandemic government decided to give vaccines to indian population. Now the production capacity is shorter compared to the demand. So the government needs to prioritize which group must be the 1st one.

Way forward:-

  •  Tailoring supply for optimal effect
  • supply considerations will necessarily mean prioritisation of groups for vaccination
  • Primary among them are people in the services sector — those whose jobs mandate interactions with multiple people
  • priority list even in the 18-44 age category, as Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have done
  •  Once vaccine supply picks up, a more expansive first-come, first-served basis
  • it is the government’s bounden duty to ensure an equitable coverage among vulnerable groups 

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