Now, an expanded horizon of surveillance (GS-2 Governance)

Now, an expanded horizon of surveillance (GS-2 Governance)

Cyber Crime Volunteers Program:

  • Under Ministry of homeaffairs
  • Works under Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre(I4C)
  • It will help in identifying, reporting and in the removal of illegal/unlawful online content.
  • It will act as lateral surveillance: Peer-Peer Survilliance

It is not today but a decade old practice to have check and balance by the society.

  • Same thing done in USA about surveillance system, i.e. including the people into system
  • Effect was a decrease in crime, more neighbourhood
  • C-Plan App in .UP. was launched for keeping a tab on anti-social elements.
  • It’s scope was very much enlarged during lockdown Issue:
  • Privacy can be undermined.
  • Both social control as well as social exclusion.
    • g. In south Korea LGBT community came underexclusive surveillance
  • It will have tendency to increase intolerance, prejudice, xenophobia and casteism in our society.

    – Swarn Singh

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