Opening of New Art museum in Hong Kong : Balance of Freedom of speech and expressions with new security laws of China in Hong kong  (GS Paper I- Art and Culture)

Opening of New Art museum in Hong Kong : Balance of Freedom of speech and expressions with new security laws of China in Hong kong  (GS Paper I- Art and Culture)

Context : A museum M+ of the cost of ,multibillion dollar has opened in Hongkong on 12 th November 2021. Many political supporter of China are opposing this and considering it as the threat for national security of the China 

About M+

  • This museum is dedicated to visual art in the West Kowloon Cultural District of Hong Kong. Multi billion dollars have been expended in this museum 

  • This museum is the world class museum as the museums like the Tate Modern in London, the MoMA in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

  • In this museum , art works of Chinese culture would be exhibited for the public . Apart from Chinese culture some art works describing about the culture of southern Asian countries and western countries would also been exhibit (After the permission of Chinese government ) 

  • One of the senior Chinese government officer stated in this regard- “nothing is above than national security”

  • The M+ museum’s collection includes paintings, ceramics, videos and installations from artists like China’s Zhang Xiaogang and Britain’s Antony Gormley. A piece by Wang Xingwei of a man in Beijing pedalling a bicycle cart laden with two dead penguins, has echoes of the Tiananmen killings in 1989.One of Ai’s installations, “Whitewash”, is also on display, featuring ancient Chinese earthenware jars.

Significance of this Museum 

  • This museum is not only the tool to preserve and promotion of culture only but up to a certain extent, it would bring the freedom of expressions among the people of Hong Kong

  • In fact, these days , the people of Hong Kong are demanding for autonomous rule , But Chinese government is tightening the Hong Kong administration through various laws in the name of National security. In fact , Since Hong Kong had enjoyed democracy and the freedom of speech and expression for a long time because it was colonised by British rule. 

  • After its transfer to China by the British government in 1999, China is curtailing its autonomy gradually . For the last several years huge demonstrations have occurred in Hong Kong demanding internal autonomy . Therefore , by last year the Chinese government had implemented a national security act in this region also. As per the national security act , any activity is prohibited against the sovereignty of the Chinese government. Any speech and expression were prohibited against the Chinese government. 

  • When this museoim become ready for open , Chinese government did not give permission, because in this way many thing could be shown against government on the name of visual art and culture . But now government of China gave the permission to open this museum under strict censorship 

  • Kacey Wong, A chinese artist who was afraid to chinese government and escaped from China to taiwan, because he knew that Chinese government would never allow to flourish his artwork freely. Many protestors of the Hong kong, either were jailed or were killed in Hong Kong

However this museum brings a small hope for the artists of China. Art and culture should be separated from politics but it should not cross the sovereign laws of any state . Definitely this museum would be milestone in the history of Hong Kong 

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