Parampara Series : A Cultural Heritage of India (GS Paper I : Art and Culture ) Source : Indian Express 

Parampara Series : A Cultural Heritage of India (GS Paper I : Art and Culture ) Source : Indian Express 

Context : India is celebrating 75th years of India’s freedom as Ajadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. During this auspicious occasion our cultural heritage is being exhibited through various activities related to performing art . India’s great performing artists are performing on this occasion .

What is parampara Series :

  • Paramapara series is national festival of Indian classical music and dance held every year in Hyderabad (Telangana). 

  • Parampara means Tradition. The objective of this series is to promote Indian classical dance and music specially Kuchipudi dance 

  • The another name of this festival is Andhiri/Andhri 

  • It is organised by Padm Bhusan  Raja Reddy and Radha Reddy “ s  classical dance institute with the collaboration of Natya Tarangini (An institute founded by Drs Raja Reddy in Delhi during 1976 . This is also dedicated to teaching the basics of classical Hindustani dance. Its sole aim is to uphold Indian Culture, Traditions and Heritage.)

Significance of Parampara Series 

  • Now days these types of the organisations are only tools to preserve na promote our Indian culture 

  • Through our culture heritage and tradition , our national sentiments would be strong and we feel proud over our ancient culture

  • This is the single platform to connect people  bringing all artistes and art lovers together in the capital of India

  • This institute had performed on various cultural occasion in India as well as abroad 

  • Natya Tarangini repertory toured the USA, Singapore, Europe, Malaysia and Kuwait.

Eminent Artists  

  • Pt Madhup Mudgal

  • Sawani Mudgal 

  • Arushi Mudgal

  •  Dr Thiruvaarur Bhakthavathsalam 

  • Pt Yogesh Samsi 

  • Abhishek Raghuram 

  • Pt Sanjeev Abhyankar

  • Dr Raja and Dr Radha Reddy will also be present during this festival 

What is Kuchipudi 

  • It is the one for of the Indian classical dance and it originated from the place of Kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh . 

  • It originated from the ancient Indian dance tradition described in the Brat muni’s text natya Shastra

  • In this tradition of the dance , artists perform dance on traditional tales . 

Significance of cultural Heritage 

  • Culture makes us human . This is the culture which differentiate between human and cattle  

  • Cultural heritage provides us the sense of unity, sense of nationalism and a sense of recognition 

  • Cultural Heritage is the tool through which we transfer our values to the next generation . 

  • Cultural heritage is the source of life and inspiration. 

  • If we lose our culture, we will lose our identity and identity less human and society can never progress and it would be subjugated by others always 

Culture is not merely a concept regarding our values, food habits and dressing , it is a tool which provides us recognition through which we feel pride . The organisations like Parampara series are not merely for entertainment but through these programmes we would enrich and preserve our cultural heritage. Apart from the government’s efforts , these private institutions like Natya tarangini are playing an important role to promote Indian culture and Heritage . Government should encourage these types of activities on a broader scale because for national unity, culture is the most important tool . 

Significance of this article in UPSC

At mains level – “What is the cultural Heritage . Discuss the ways through which our cultural heritage is being enriched. Also Substantiate your answer with suitable examples 

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