Persistent mindlessness (The Hindu, GS-3, Internal security)

Persistent mindlessness (The Hindu, GS-3, Internal security)

Context:- deaths of over 20 paramilitary personnel in an encounter in sukma distt in Chhattisgarh.

    • History:-
      •  Maoist insurrection -> began first as the Naxalite movement in the 1970s
      • intensified since 2004
      • mindless guerrilla-driven militant movement.
    • Why Maoist movement:
      • The Backbone of this movement is theoretically lies in social injustice, lack of fruit of development to the grass root people, administration apathy, local level politician’s nexus with maosit, Political exclusion and exploitation of resources.
    • Why it is still continues:
      • Illegal mining by the Maoist.
      • Drug and arms trafficking etc.
    • How to solve
      • More people’s inclusion in development process
      • making information, vigilance more rigid.
      • choke the funding of maosit
      • curb the urban naxalism movement.


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