Raise the social issue through the art work (GS paper I- art and culture )

Raise the social issue through the art work (GS paper I- art and culture )


Six female artists raised the  social issue of  the polarised world, existing in binaries, through their works

In Delhi an exhibition on art is going on till October 16, 2021. In this exhibition various social issues or concerns would be discussed through Artwork . We are facing the problem of Pandemic and in this situation , through this exhibition an effort has been made to bring the situation to normal mode. The title of the exhibition is “Playhouse of Her Mind” . This title dwells upon memories and metaphors to rethink present-day realities and assess future possibilities. In this exhibition of work of 6 great artists has been appreciable . Through their work they raised the questions related to social issues successfully . 

Bakula Nayak, Gopa Trivedi, Pranati Panda, Revati Sharma Singh, Shalina Vichitra, and Shalini Dam participated in this exhibition through their work . 

In this exhibition it can be generally understood how in this world a division based on identity had been created . How this world is being polarised on the basis of a conscious identity . This type of division would create problems in society. Division between two , generally harmful. 

Bhavna Kakar, Founder-Director, Latitude 28 organizer of this exhibition stated that this artwork represents more than a physical faculty. This artwork is a palpable rendition of character in a feeling, a frame of mind, a visceral response; an adjective that makes tangible as metaphor, elusive ideas or the texture of a distant memory.

Brief about Artists

Bakula Nayak was borned in Bengaluru. Her  practice is centred around collecting vintage paper. She is a Pittsburgh-based artist . In her view The paintings should work basically as the eliminator of space and nature in our world. The blue and pink parts represent human construction and consumption. In her view every painter moves from an anthropocentric society (where everything is central to man and mankind) to a more biocentric one — where all forms of life have an intrinsic value.”

Gopa Trivedi belonged from Vadodara Gujarat . Her main concern is to address social and individual anxieties, through her art work. She is  inspired by  Indian miniature traditions. In her views  “The images and forms are used as metaphors that reflect the social and political concerns of my surroundings and time,” 

Pranati Panda belongs from Delhi . She worked with varied materials, techniques, patterns and textures. Her  works depict her mindspace and the relationship between human beings and nature. Her  current series of work is about our mind, a strong sense of wonder about the fragility of mind, wonder about the working of one’s memory, about the visible and the invisible.”

Revati Sharma Singh belongs to Himachal Pradesh and graduated from Delhi university .Her work is inspired by her spiritual leanings and memories . Her most concern is expressing freedom through her artwork , Freedom from dogma and religion, from close mindedness, to not care for what was expected of me, to not get influenced by anyone…”

Shalina Vichitra address concerns and questions regarding ‘belonging’ and the fragility of our existence through her art work.Her series are simply chronicles that frame any piece of land, a chunk, markings on its surface, its layers and the patterns in the overall fabric of the earth

Shalini Dam is a postgraduate from  Wales, UK.  She  creates an optical illusion with clay, by making only one part of the image visible from an angle and animating the surface. 

Latitude 28 is an art gallery of delhi definitely playing an important role to promote art and culture . During these days many exhibitions are going one. Every art lovers should visit and appreciate these works 

By Dr Anshul Bajpai 

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