Rape and marriage (GS-2 The Hindu, GS-2 Polity)

Rape and marriage (GS-2 The Hindu, GS-2 Polity)


Issues:- Recent chief justice statement on rape victim when he asked rape accused to get marry with the raped girl

  • Why are these remarks contradicting with the ethos?
    • It makes women good whose ultimate goal is to get married.
    • Shows patriarchal mindset of society.
      • How
        • Women are seen as commodities and they have no right except the right to obey the master of house.
    •  Marrying a girl cant provide justice against the injustice which was made earlier.
    • It may set a precedent and open the Pandora box.
    • Case of European Commission of Human Rights in C.R. vs U.K. where the court concluded that a rapist remains a rapist regardless of his relationship with the victim. 


About Supreme court

  • Mention under article 124.
  • Has 3 types of jurisdiction:
    • Advisory
    • Appellate
    • Original
  • Judges are appointed by the president, on recommendation of collegium.
  • Please read about NJAC controversy
  • Read about judicial activism, judicial overreach, judicial restraint. 

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