Retiring Members of Rajya Sabha

Retiring Members of Rajya Sabha


Rajya Sabha bid farewell to four retiring members with the deputy Chairman Harivansh heaping lavish praise on the leader of the opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad

About Rajya Sabha

  • The Rajya Sabha is known as the continuing chamber which was first constituted in 1952. 
  • It is known as a permanent body and not subject to dissolution. 
  • One third of its members retire every second year and these vacated seats are filled up by the fresh elections and persons nominated by the president of India at the beginning of every third year.
  •  Although the retiring members are eligible for re election and re nomination any number of times. 
  • In the discussion in the constituent Assembly they have decided not to fix the tenure of Rajya Sabha and left it to the parliament. 
  • In the Representation of People Act 1951, the term of office of a member is fixed as 6 years

(Source- Indian Express)

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