Return of Comic con in India 

Return of Comic con in India 


India has been facing the problem of coronavirus pandemic for almost 2 years . Indian artisans and artlover and the organisers are trying to come from such a pandemic. Despite there being many restrictions and protocols on the exhibitions , some art events are going to be held in the month of Dec 2021. Among these even Comic Con India is also going to organise these funny shows although the New York comic con event has recently successfully ended by 8th Oct . 

At New York Comic Con, which opened Thursday at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, attendees celebrated the return of face-to-face gatherings. But this year, masks at the pop culture event are not just for those in costume; they are required for everyone.

Comic Con India 

  • Comic Con India (CCI) is a annual series based on comic theme

  • The conventions regarding comic themes are held every year in India. 

  • The first edition was held in New Delhi in 2011

  • Gradually this is expanding towards other cities of  India such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. Nowadays There are annual comic cons being organised in these cities. 

  • Cumulatively these five cities attract thousands of visitors and artisans  and exhibitors in several exhibitions . 

  • It is founded by Jatin Varma and presently he is managing director of Comic Con India

  • in 2011the first comic con had  launched in India in Delhi 

  • It hosts the Indian Championship of Cosplay. 

  • Due to the corona pandemic , this year this fest could not be organised properly. This fest is celebrating its 10th anniversary of the Indian edition of the world’s largest celebration 

  • The recently-concluded Comic Con was a week-long celebration to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the event in India

  • The  works of the artists like Abhijeet Kini, Saumin Patel, Savio Mascarenhas and Sumit Kumar  were involved in this fest 

The Revival of Indian stories through Comics

  • This art is not new for India . For hundreds of years many shows were organised on comic based tale 

  • For our ancient time period , our ancestors have been telling us the stories of our past . Many times these stories are retold in various and in various forms. We played these shows through comic drama like Ram Leela or Kathakali

  • Other tales have also been acted through comic dramas like Dahi Handi. 

  • Some figures related Modern history , maily the people who fought for the freedom of India such as Rani Lakshmi Bai, too, have become a part of our storytelling traditions. In fact , in these stories we generally include those stories which are moral and inspirational for our society 

The comic world

  • The history of the Comic books in India is a little newer to the West. In fact, in India , Printing Press had come late. The initial comics published in the country were the American ones. 

  • Indian comics had become popular after the publishing of  Amar Chitra Katha . It was very interesting comic book of those days and during those days in almost every house of india this book was available 

  • The blend of art and story brought India’s cultural history alive for the 20th century and it became a hit with both children, teachers and parents.

  • Similarly the comic and classic magazine for children was  Chandamama. It was also a very popular book of that time. This book was also based on the illustrations of mythological stories that ran for years. 

  • In this way, we say that, By god grace very soon our cultural festivals will be returning with full pace after this cora pandemic 

Plutus IAS daily current affairs 15 Oct 2021

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