Rising poverty (GS-2 Social Justice)

    • Pew Research Center estimates that the COVID-19 pandemic 
      • has had a disproportionately impact on living standards in India and China
  • What is Poverty?
      • Lack of sustainable resources for the livelihood which manifest into hunger, illiteracy and many other social problems.
      • The Government of India has defined it according to a planning commission based on per capita expenditure.
      • In the past the government also made many committees.
        • Alagh committee
        • Planning commission
        • Tendulkar committee etc.
  • Why poverty has increased now
      • Job reduction because of economic contraction.
      • Decrease in demand there by decrease in production and further job losses.
      • Increase inequality.
      • Contraction of government’s wing in economy.

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Swarn Singh

Plutus IAS Current Affair Team

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